Friday, April 03, 2009

2009-04-04 Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child

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Segment 1
TMBG - It's Spare the Rock
-Ella ID
TMBG - Don't Let's Start
Renee & Jeremy - Three Little Birds (It's a Big World)
Ziggy Marley (w/ Liz Mitchell - Wings of An Eagle)
Bob Marley & the Wailers - One Love/People Get Ready

Segment 2
Deedle Deedle Dees - Major Deegan (Freedom in a Box)
Billy Jonas - What Kind of Dog Are You? (Happy Accidents)
ID/prep to rock
Hold Steady - Take Me Out to the Ball Game
Gunnar Madsen - Library Party (I'm Growing)

Segment 3
CandyBand - Get Up Already (Lollipunk)
Justin Roberts - Day Camp (Way Out)
Mates of State - Goods (All In Your Head) (EP)
Strange Kidz - Forgettin' Girl
Baby Grands - Diggin' A Hole to China (The Baby Grands)

Segment 4
ScribbleMonster - Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child
Bunny Clogs - Olive's Olives (More! More! More!)
Peter Himmelman - Baseball Tips with Professor Buckley
Theresa Andersson - Birds Fly Away
Mister Felipe - Que Dia! (Cruzando el Border)

Segment 5
Lemonheads - My Hero, Zero (Multiplication Rock)
Recess Monkey - The Sun Will Shine for You (Wonderstuff)
Richie Havens - Here Comes the Sun
Gustafer Yellowgold - Sunpod (Mellow Fever)
Submarines - Wake Up! Wake Up! Rock 'n' Roll Coochicoo Revue
ID/book time with Ella

Segment 6
Hank Hooper - Hey! Batter!
SteveSongs - Opposite Day (Marvelous Day)
Sly & the Family Stone - Dance to the Music
Dog on Fleas - Do You Wanna Know My New Dance Step? (Beautiful Day)
Sippy Cups - I Wanna Be Elated (Kids Rock for Peas)
TMBG - New York City (Factory Showroom)
TMBG - Spare the Rock