Friday, January 29, 2010

2010-01-30 Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child

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Segment 1
TMBG - It's Spare the Rock
-Ella ID
TMBG - Why Does the Sun Shine?
Erik Brandt & Matt Godsen - Lay Down Brothers & Sisters (The Youngster Parade)
Dean Jones - Lucky (Rock Paper Scissors)
Von Swing Family - Stay Up All Night (Honey, Sugar Baby, Mine)
Justin Roberts - Fruit Jar (Pop Fly)

Segment 2
Uncle Rock - There Is No Away (w/ Elizabeth Mitchell) (The Big Picture)
Elizabeth Mitchell - John the Rabbit (live at Spare the Rock)
BNL - Crazy ABCs (Snack Time)
ID/prep to rock
White Stripes - My Doorbell
Roy Handy & the Moonshot - Crayon Man!!!

Segment 3
ScribbleMonster - I'm a Utility Pole (The World's Worst Dance Song) (Songs With No Character)
Ramones - Sheena Is a Punk Rocker (All the Stuff and More)
Jimmies - Do the Elephant (Make Your Own Someday)
ID/book time with Ella - Queenie Peavy (Robert Burch)
Steve Lee - Wake Up
Hipwaders - Art Car (Educated Kid)

Segment 4
ScribbleMonster - Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child
Mighty Imperials - Thunder Chicken
Zev Haber - Chicken Scratch
Sweetback Sisters - Have You Seen My Chicken? (Chicken Ain't Chicken)
Meters - Chicken Strut
NRBQ - Accentuate the Positive

Segment 5
Mariana Iranzi - Pajaro Carpintero (Aventura Collage) (at Cup & Top 2/2)
XTC - My Bird Performs (Nonsuch)
Neil Brewer - Not Like You (Back in School)
Renee & Jeremy - Wishing Well (C'mon)
Cake - Mahna Mahna (For the Kids)

Segment 6
Uncle Rock - Buddy Holly's Got the Hiccups (The Big Picture)
Ralph's World - All Around the World (All Around Ralph's World)
Rhythm Child - I Can't Play Today (Eat a Bowl of Cherries)
Average White Band - Pick up the Pieces
They Might Be Giants - One Everything (Here Come the 123s)
TMBG - Spare the Rock