Friday, September 07, 2012

2012-09-08 Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child

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Segment 1
TMBG - It's Spare the Rock
Ella ID
TMBG - Fibber island
Beatles - Here Comes the Sun
Elizabeth Mitchell - I Wish You Well
Elena Moon Park - Summer's Here
Elska - I Just Had an Idea
Bjork & Dirty Projectors - On and Ever Onward

Segment 2
Mister G - Chocolalala
ID/prep to rock
TMBG - Don't Spare the Rock!
XTC - Do What You Do
Babe the Blue OX - Surfin' Minnesota
Princess Katie & Racer Steve - Tiny Cool
Wild Flag - Electric Band

Segment 3
The Board of Education - First Day
Lucky Diaz - Explorer
Dan Zanes - I Don't Want Your Millions Mister
Astrograss - Shortenin' Bread
TMBG - Ant
TMBG - Spare the Rock