Sunday, March 26, 2017

2017-03-26 Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child Playlist & Stream

1st set They Might Be Giants - It’s Spare the Rock ID Live at the Academy of Music - Intro - Lloyd H. Miller live - Monte Belmonte & Family [KUTX - Pizzicato Five - Twiggy Twiggy [WJFF/KCMJ - Pizzicato Five - Twiggy Twiggy 2nd set [NO PREP TO ROCK THIS WEEK THIS WEEK] ID TMBG - Don’t Spare the Rock! - Abbie Morin - Kelsey Flynn [KUTX - Brownout - Iron Man [WJFF/KCMJ - Rare Earth - I Just Want to Celebrate 3rd set ID Keith Munslow - Every Day is a Summer Day Mister G - Grilled Cheese ID Stacey Peasley - RSVP In the Nick of Time - My Favorite Sneakers ID They Might Be Giants - Bed, Bed, Bed, Bed, Bed They Might Be Giants - Spare the Rock