Saturday, September 07, 2013

2013-08-24 Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child

Segment 1
TMBG - It's Spare the Rock
Ella ID
TMBG - Boat of Car (brass band)
Haley Bonar - If I Had a Rainbow
Bag of Hammers bumper
Recess Monkey - Tallest Tree (new)
Gustafer Yellowgold - Fireworks!
Elizabeth Mitchell & Dan Zanes - Hot Weather Music
Elska - Hiddi Hiddi
Esquivel! - Whatchamacalit

Segment 2
Lori Henriques - Everlovin' Water (new)
ID/prep to rock
TMBG - Don't Spare the Rock!
Generation X - Ready Steady Go
Suburbs - Turn the Radio On (new)
97x  bumper
Fugazi - Waiting Room
The Evens - Vowel Movement (Panacke Mountain)
Justin ID
Justin Roberts  - Check Me Out, I'm At the Checkout (new)

Segment 3
JJK promo
Human Tim + Robot Tim - My Friend Paul (new)
Polyphonic Spree - Reach for the Sun
Pop Ups - Outside Inside
Not Unusual bumper
James Brown - Get Up Offa That Thing
TMBG - Alphabet of Nations
TMBG - Spare the Rock